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Welcome to the website of BINDER tecsys

We specialise in finding ideal solutions for you during the development phase and in realizing them on time and at a reasonable price.

You will receive complete components and assemblies "MADE IN GERMANY" that, thanks to our know-how, can keep up with any foreign price competition.

  • We produce extremely efficient prototypes and small batches for you
  • Exclusive high-tech deep-drawing trim parts with special coating
  • Power electronics on a continuously high level, cost-efficient high volumes, and customized automation

Our services

Today, customers all over the world - throughout the EU, USA, India, Far East - make use of our services.

Project realization
Professional and fast processing from prototypes and batch parts all the way to solderable cleaning and packaging.

Quality assurance
Our quality management system which is IATF 16949:2016 certified ensures smooth subsequent processing of our products.