Applications for Electrical Engineering

Electrical Industry

Precision parts and functionally superior system components developed and manufactured on the basis of trend-setting manufacturing technologies.

Durable and reliable

Our precision parts and system components

Durable reliability in all power sectors of the electrical industry: For the safe transmission of signal and load electricity, we manufacture precision components for plugged connections as well as relays. Our components guarantee maximum resistance to wear and weather-related operating environments. Over a long period of time, the components made of highly conductive materials ensure a power supply without power fluctuations and power loss.


For sensor housings, we manufacture for instance press and punching parts of a simple type up to highly accurate vacuum-tight components of metal-ceramic connection or metal-glass connection.

Application example contact springs

  • equipped or un-equipped with corresponding contact pins
  • from almost all possible materials
Applications for Electrical Engineering


Application example of contact riveting

  • Solid or bi-metal
  • From all common materials
  • Individual components, assemblies, system components up to the complete switch

When it comes to holders, plugs, drivers, punched grids, contacts, plug-in contacts, housings, covers, sleeves or pins, BINDER tecsys is the right partner.

Incidentally, we manufacture hybrid assemblies made of metal-plastic compounds in-house, without any further partner companies.

Applications for Electrical Engineering

Innovations in a high-tech environment

Expert knowledge & innovative solutions

Our customers benefit from our expert knowledge on the area of application of the components manufactured by us and the required product configurations. We offer innovative solutions for high-tech applications that are constantly evolving and constantly making new demands on the components and materials used.

Fulfilling the most demanding product parameters

Our customers benefit from components that meet the required parameters down to the smallest detail. They are characterized by their low weight combined with maximum robustness and resistance to harsh external influences and strong vibrations.

Applications for the

Electrical Engineering

Always be one step ahead - with the pioneering technologies and first-class precision components from BINDER tecsys.

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On 1 January 2023, BINDER tecsys GmbH was transferred to SCHWEIZER technologies GmbH.

All contact persons as well as management and shareholder structure remain unchanged. We have only slightly expanded the product portfolio.

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