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Demanding forming solutions - whether pressing, drawing or punching - BINDER tecsys manufactures high-precision functional components with maximum productivity and the most economical use of materials.

Highest precision

with optimal price-performance ratio

With high-precision manufacturing technologies, we realize the parts production by means of pressing, drawing and punching. Due to the high production accuracy and the almost unlimited possibilities of the part geometries, the forming processes of BINDER tecsys can not be exceeded in terms of precision.

BINDER tecsys relies on high-performance precision tools that guarantee high productivity and the most economical production. The result: the best part quality with the most precise geometries within the μ range. Combined with optimized downtime and processing times, the forming processes at BINDER tecsys lead to an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Pressen Ziehen Stanzen

Complex part geometries

manufactured in just one production step

The forming processes at BINDER tecsys enable a minimum of processing steps to produce a component. Even complex part geometries can be manufactured without further subsequent mechanical processes, such as CNC machining.

Newly developed manufacturing processes enable a selective transformation of the raw material. This way, ready-to-install parts can be produced with minimal work steps.

Our special manufacturing process allows complex components to be produced in just one production step. By intelligently combining individual operations such as deep drawing, pressing and rolling, finished components can be manufactured in a single operation.


at a glance

  • Punching technology and forming technology for high-precision stamped, bent and drawn parts
  • High performance stamping machines
  • Modern processing machines e.g. Punching machines, slide grinders, etc.
  • High material competence
  • Short distances between departments
  • 60 years of experience in metal forming
  • Production of individual precision tools for stamped parts, pressed parts and deep drawn parts

Used forming processes

  • Punching, embossing, pulling, deep pulling
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drawing cushions, deep drawing
  • Cutting, trimming, rolling, pressing

Sample Applications of stamping technology

  • Contact springs
  • Punching and bending parts
  • Stamped parts with mounted plastic components
  • Punched strips
  • Material thicknesses from 0.05mm to 8mm

Sample Applications of drawing technique

  • Possible diameters from 1mm to 220mm
  • Rectangular shapes from 3x3mm to 500x60mm
  • Metal-ceramic compounds
  • Glass-metal compounds

Assemblies & sample Components

  • Equipped contact springs (riveted and welded)
  • Contact sets for switches and relays
  • Kits for car radios
  • Pre-assembled units
  • Switches for special applications
  • Plastic-metal composite parts
Stanzteile, Pressteile, Ziehteile


Example Contact Rivets & Pins

Solid contact rivets from:

  • Ag, Ag/Ni, Ag/Cdo
  • Ag/Sno, Ag/Cu, Cu
  • Bi-metal contact studs
  • Pins for example spark plugs

Plastic-metal composite parts

  • Overmoulded metal parts
  • Welded metal plastic parts
  • Riveted metal plastic parts

Data exchange

Of course we work with the latest software systems. VISI with semi-automatic tool design is available. Possible data exchange formats are DXF, IGS, WKF, DWG, STEP, etc. In addition, we take care of the CNC data creation for:

  • 3D milling
  • Wire EDM
  • CNC turning, etc.
Stanzteile Serienfertigung

Lowest material usage

Components are manufactured by BINDER tecsys from the smallest possible amount of raw material. Already at the cutting of the material we ensure a minimal material loss - if possible we eliminate it completely.

During the subsequent cold forming, the component part is provided with the corresponding shape. In this case also, practically no loss of material arises, for example, in the absolutely non-cutting and burr-free pressing of recesses.

Small and medium lot sizes, up to series production

Everything is possible

BINDER tecsys relies on modern, state-pf-the-art machines and systems that guarantee high productivity and material-saving production. Thus we have optimal conditions for mass production of large quantities.

As a specialized system supplier, we also produce small and medium lot sizes as well as individual parts on request - of course, regardless of the part geometry, whether simple or complex.

  • Production of prototypes by means of milling, lasers and erosion
  • Small series - 10 to 1,000 pieces
  • Medium series - 1,000 to 10,000 pieces
  • Large series - 10,000 to 150,000,000 pieces

Top quality in serial production

During series production, the individual work steps are systematically monitored. In addition the manufacturing process itself is subject to further optimization processes on a regular base.

To meet the highest quality requirements, we use only the most up-to-date testing methods: for example, fully automatic testing with sensitive coordinate measuring systems with additional optical end-product testing. Our quality assurance ensures continuous production quality - part by part.

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Data & Facts

Parts per year
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IATF 16946:2016

Pressing   Drawing   Punching

Demanding forming solutions - whether pressing, drawing or punching - BINDER tecsys manufactures high-precision functional components with maximum productivity and the most economical use of materials.

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On 1 January 2023, BINDER tecsys GmbH was transferred to SCHWEIZER technologies GmbH.

All contact persons as well as management and shareholder structure remain unchanged. We have only slightly expanded the product portfolio.

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